"Physical strength is only the
realization of inner strength."
- Master Oh


We at Oh's Tae Kwon Do are a family built upon the strong foundations engrained in the martial arts. We promote and instill in our students with a strong sense of confidence, respect, and most importantly honor. Using martial arts as our foundation, we build our students with tools not only for self-defense and sport, but also for real life situations outside of school or work.


Our instructors are a big part of what makes Oh's Tae Kwondo your source for the finest Martial Arts Instruction in the state. Both our instructors and our students have won national competitions in various martial arts forms. Speak to any one of our instructors and you will see a disciplined individual that is intelligent and well trained, both in the school and out.


As the martial arts evolve, so must we as students of the art we practice. This is no different for us as a school. Our roots are ingrained in the traditional Korean art of Tae Kwon Do, but from those roots many branches have grown. Much like life, there are various aspects to effective martial arts; to be successful, you must have an understanding of the various aspects.

So go ahead and check out the website and our school, it is our hope that you too will become a part of the Oh's family!

The three ingredients to success:

In a fight where only one man can win, you must have three ingrdiants that will affect your "recipe for success": striking, clinching, and ground-fighting. Like any recipe, an excess or lack of one ingredient can greatly alter the end product. We at Oh's Tae Kwon Do offer a great blend that has kept us as the premier martial arts school in the St. Petersburg area: the disipline of Tae Kwon Do, the blinding punching of western boxing, the power of Muay Thai, and the sensabilty of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We understand the importance of traditional forms but not at the expense of the realities of street effective fighting.